Travis Fish (b. 1989, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin) is a New York based artist working between New York and Wisconsin. Fish received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago (2012).  Recent solo and group exhibitions include  *Tennis Elbow Window* The Journal, NYC, *Three Coats, Two Sweaters.* at GANA ART, Seoul, South Korea,  *REFLECTIONS* curated by Matt Black at Gana Art, Soul, *Dash* by Travis Fish, Superzoom, M Building-Wynwood ,*Malmo Sessions* with Carl Kostyal and *Friends and Family* at Canada Gallery (NYC). Fish’s works will be exhibited in an upcoming group show at Allouche Benias Gallery in Athens, Greece, as well as at KÖNIG Galerie in Jan. 2021, and he is preparing for an upcoming solo exhibition at Gana Art in Seoul, South Korea to open in January 2021, along with a solo exhibition at Carl Kostyal.

Text by Anika Meier

"Let my inspiration flow", sing the Grateful Dead in the hope of the kiss of the muse. According to the ancient belief, ideas do not develop by themselves, they come from outside. Once upon a time, muses were the source of inspiration, today it's postings on Instagram. Inspiration is being washed into the timelines on Instagram at breakneck speed. And Travis Fish soaks them up. He transfers that rush of speed to the canvas. Fast fast fast. As if he wanted to paint faster than a new post can be uploaded to the social photo network. 

For a year he painted portraits of the members of the American hip-hop trio Migos, then he continued with their clothes. Fish has stayed with fashion because the latest material is always available and is constantly being replenished. Fresh drops become fresh paintings and fast fashion becomes fast painting. He chose to paint naively in a childlike style, like so many young artists who are at home on the Internet. The perfection on the Instagram platform is countered by an innocence that cannot even lead to misunderstandings because the pressure to perform has been removed. 

He also nonchalantly titles his exhibition *Jumpers*. And he delivers: 9 sweaters in different colors and with different motifs from the Grateful Dead to Pluto and Ying & Yang to Louis Vuitton and Dior. Streetwear and luxury, brands and bands. Fish paints with exceptional enthusiasm, the fanboy is at work. Everyone should see and know that. “When a brand drops a product, I paint it right away,” he says. Shortening labels to arouse desire. He doesn't stand in line, but in the studio and throws fanart into the hype cycle, while at the same time ensuring that the product is as short as possible - on his screen.