Program details of contributions to the project *RESEARCH 'N' MOTION* by Roman Liška at DUVE Berlin / 14. September - 26. October 2013

(Schedule in order of appearance)


Born In Flamez
'Easier In Motion'
14. September / 8:32 pm
At 8:32pm on the opening night the space will fall dark, and as a strobe light emerges, Born in Flamez will perform a song, interacting with the space, the cutouts in the walls and the reflections of light.


(katja schlegel & kai seifried)
'starstyling works another space'
17. - 22. September
The starstyling design team is locating its studio to "another" place, working for one week on special items for a trip to tokyo, livestreamed!


caryl* & [creative renegades society.]
'IMAA Report # Berlin'
28. September
Presentation of the project 'IMAA - Instruction Manuals And Accessories' and introduction to 'espace d'art contemporain 14°N 61°W' in Martinique FWI, complimented by a rum tasting event.


Gesa Troch
'There Is More To Live Than This'
1. - 5. October
On the occasion of the exhibition a selection of works consisting of altered objects, hardened fabrics, rubber, glass and copper will be arranged site specifically for the show, as well as combinations of new works that are produced on site which are to be viewed as a work in progress, transforming the gallery into a work space, and giving privilege to the process rather than the result.


Peter Pleyer
'fatal abstraction'
12. October
A reading and a display of material by and about dead queer artists, and artists that died of a.i.d.s., who are relevant for the choreographic project "fatal abstraction".


Lina Lapelyte
'The days of Candy Shop'
18/19 October
Candy Shop is a song, a chamber music piece, intervention, provocation, audition and a dance class. Candy Shop reworks the games of power that are embedded in the rap songs into lullabies, narrating the story about beauty, gender and the mundane. On rare occassions Candy Shop turns into an opera.


Nina Wakeford
'Stand Up, Women Make Your Choice'
25/26. October
Several handmade items, sound recording, and song.


David Rudnick
Design for invitation and text contribution titled `Exodus 2013´

Lisanne Schulze
Photographic documentation of events
Throughout the duration of the exhibition Schulze's photographs will be wallpapered onto the movable structures within the space.

* * *


Nine swallows bank across the courtyard roof, piking at the corner.
They scream against the walls of the circuit again, tracing hard eights in the sky.
Berghain is easy to get into as long as you're respectful in the queue and don't mouth off loudly in English.

The first temple of the Israelites was portable. Nomads running trails in the level and featureless desert, their only constant was constant movement. Thus the first temple was not a place, but parameters; portable components and instructions for their assembly. "Make upright frames of acacia wood for the tabernacle. Ten cubits long and a cubit and a half wide, with two projections set parallel to each other." Exodus 25. A wall creates both an inside and an outside. Dead dawn against the black rock of the crater. Birdsong in white light.

Acacia Wood. White walls. White Cubes.

In the desert, the miracle is not the garden, but the wall that makes the garden possible. Once we had the wall, we were merely a receptionist, defined opening hours, electric lighting, low-cost international transportation, and a system of deregulated financial exchange away from an Art Gallery. Once we have an Art Gallery, we are merely 9:00pm away from a Nightclub.

Judaism, durational work, ongoing
No Artist

Thousands arrive in Berlin nightly. Hundreds find their way to the path trod between the corridor of aluminium security fencing in the grey, calcite dust of Friedrichshain. Over and around they walk, above a twentieth century of discards; industrial wasteland, rotted concrete, broken tarmac, the tallow midnight of a Euro-Discount megastore, and one hundred white mercedes to which the rejected fall back and from which new bodies emerge. Overhead, Easyjets trace slow arcs in the sky. The circuit closes. The barrier is no longer acacia wood. Black bass floods above the avenue. Two Thousand and Thirteen BPM.

White Cubes. Black Walls. Funktion One.

At the foot of the walls is the gate. Facebook's password is an alphanumeric string. Judaism's password is a body dependent on the genome sequence of the mother. Berghain is easy to get into as long as you're respectful in the queue and don't mouth off loudly in English. No daylight inside, no reflective surfaces. Deviant behaviour, sexual acts. Orthodoxy; No body on the dancefloor that had not climbed the stairs, nor a body on the stairs that had not walked the queue. Floods, strobes, endorphins, narcotics, and the moment-by-moment decisions of individual humans, suffering immense freedom under great duress.

Berghain, durational work, ongoing
No Artist

Blood bleeps in the veins. The shutters are cued at dawn. Light bursts, in desperate arcs, above below and through the bodies, swallows hurl and eddy through the air; the only constant is constant movement. Exodus 2013.

Black Walls. Labyrinths. Networks.

There is no leader, no overall control; instead the flock's movements are determined by the moment-by-moment decisions of individual birds, following simple rules in response to interactions with their neighbors in the flock. Once the network is built there are no further decisions.
The word "paradise" comes from the ancient Persian "pairi daêza", literally; to build a walled enclosure.

(text by David Rudnick, commissioned on the occasion of RESEARCH 'N' MOTION by Roman Liška at DUVE Berlin, September 14th / October 26th 2013)

*RESEARCH 'N MOTION* opens September 14, 2013 and will be on view at DUVE Berlin
(Gitschinerstrasse 94/94a, Entrance D, 2 floor) through October 26, 2013.
Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Friday, from 11:00am to 6:00pm, Saturday from 12:00am to 4:00pm and by appointment. For further information give us a call at 030 77 902 302 or send us an email:
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